Hi! I'm Aubrey.

Hi! I'm Aubrey.
I am an artist based in LA (but from the good 'ol Midwest). This blog is a record of my life as a painter/artist. It is here to help me keep my place and motivation, ground me to learning and be a connection to other artists.

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Sneak Peek Paintings 32 & 33

Here is a sneak peek of the two paintings started this past weekend. Both are in need of a lot more work but seem to me to be good starts.
I was inspired by the beautiful fall weather as well as by a woman who is blogging (can't find the link to her blog on my google reader for the life of me right now but will share when I do find it) a daily portrait painting. She uses a different base color for every portrait. Don't know why I haven't tried this. In the past I have stuck w/ a dark, nearly-black base or blank white canvas A brick red base color is being used for the painting on the left & the painting on the right (which is slightly farther along) had a pumpkin orange base.

Found the link http://karinjurick.blogspot.com/


Erika Lee Sears said...

Some artists swear by a back ground paint. I have friends that only use cad red back ground another cad yello and some use a neutral.

:)Lovely paintings!

AMW said...

ahh Ive gotten so behind on your lovely posts, but I saw a peak of this on my google reader last week and fell in love with the painting on the left. Is it odd that I like it just the way it is? Your finished work is beautiful too, but the graphic nature of that painting really caught my eye! Ive always been attracted to works in progress :)

its fun to change up base colors and get out of your comfort zone...I always try but end up back at a burnt orange or deep purple...go figure!