Hi! I'm Aubrey.

Hi! I'm Aubrey.
I am an artist based in LA (but from the good 'ol Midwest). This blog is a record of my life as a painter/artist. It is here to help me keep my place and motivation, ground me to learning and be a connection to other artists.

If you are interested in purchasing existing work, please visit my etsy site here. If you are interested in commissioning an original artwork, e-mail me at aubrey.studebaker@gmail.com


The Limited Color Pallet

Right now I'm working on a group of acrylic New Mexico/Arizona pieces which will be up in two group-show galleries in August. I am trying something with these that I haven't done much of before: using a limited color pallet. Here are the only colors that I'm using-

(That's ultramarine blue -red shade, permanent rose, light green permanent, titanium white and cadmium yellow medium.) Limiting the color pallet is great for keeping the pieces more cohesive and also for staying with the color strategy initially decided on. Will have to have to use this trick more often. 

And here's a preview-

Rather jumbled/disorganized looking right now but not for long...I will post the finished pieces and that should be very soon since the deadlines are looming. 


Grand Canyon Watercolors 2&3

 4"x6" watercolor, ink and colored pencil on cold press watercolor paper
for sale as a pair (for $50) here


New Mexico Watercolor No.3

I'm really happy with this one. Also, (6) 16x20 canvases were ordered yesterday from my good friend Dick Blick on which the acrylic versions of these Western landscapes will be realized soon...

purchase (for $25) here

Also, I recovered some throw pillows yesterday as planned. Been waiting to use this fabric for quite some time. Found it in a reclaim bin for super cheap because I guess the dye lot was messed up or something...but I think it is beautiful. Marvin likes it too, as you can see.


Fresh Coat of Paint

Still settling into the new place and decided that this side table needed to be white. So I did some less-than-artistic painting in the courtyard. Made a mess. Marvin now has a white paint streak on his back end.



I would also like to note that my sister saved this table from being thrown away by the people she bought her house from and graciously gifted it to me. It is hand-made, one of a kind and has a chipped handle that makes it look like it is squinting or winking or something.

Tomorrow I'll be busting out some job applications but will try to squeeze some recovering of throw pillows into the equation along with another watercolor study.


Grand Canyon Watercolor

purchase (for $25) here

...Came a little close to overworking this one and had to stop. Makes a good study, though.


New Mexico Watercolor No.2

Second watercolor completed of the New Mexico landscape. The plan is to use these watercolors as tiny studies for larger, canvas/acrylic pieces.
purchase (for $50) here


New Mexico Watercolor

Here is the first of several watercolors that I'm completing from photo reference taken on the drive West. (Forgive me, I should take this to get it scanned for a better image but this is what you get right now.)

purchase (for $50) here

New Mexico was entirely surprising to me. It was so very beautiful. Lots of trains, mountains and little puffy tufts of vegetation. The overall coloring of the land was inspirational -such a subtle, warm, rich and creamy pallet. 

I wanted to stay for awhile but California was waiting...


Santa Monica Beach Sketches

I took a break from unpacking/cleaning last Friday to hit Santa Monica Beach. It was so crowded there were places where I couldn't see the sand for all the people. Fun times, though. Here are a few doodles I scribbled between naps-


Some Monday Inspiration

Here is an artist's website that I found awhile back which affords some much needed inspiration. (All images below taken from the site.)

The scenes are very dream-like/moody and textural.

There is some trouble understand what exactly the work is for but I think it must be mainly illustration pieces because many of the images seem like they should have a story connection (below, for example).

This artist has achieved a style that is admirably individualized and recognizable. Aspects of whimsy, imagination and humor are all part of what makes the work memorable. I love, love, love what has been accomplished here.

What are your thoughts?


Travels, Arrivals & Cadillacs

Well, we arrived in LA on the 4th of July and spent all week cleaning and unpacking. This move signifies for both my husband and myself a decision to focus more on our creative goals. That means some serious painting time and more frequent blog posts!

I did manage to do a small amount of painting at one of the sites we stopped at along the way- Cadillac Ranch. This place is so much fun because there doesn't seem to be any rules. It is in the middle of nowhere (Amarillo, TX) and smells oppressively like a pig farm but there are constantly trails of cars and people making their way out -cans of spray paint in hand.
Perfect example of how this functions as a time-lapse art piece: Below is the family portrait Josh & I did. I spray painted my silhouette and Marvin's in blue and Josh did his own torso in black.
We walked elsewhere to do some more damage and returned not five minutes later to find that Josh's painting had already been accessorized w/ and orange hat and face. Hehe. Love it.