Hi! I'm Aubrey.

Hi! I'm Aubrey.
I am an artist based in LA (but from the good 'ol Midwest). This blog is a record of my life as a painter/artist. It is here to help me keep my place and motivation, ground me to learning and be a connection to other artists.

If you are interested in purchasing existing work, please visit my etsy site here. If you are interested in commissioning an original artwork, e-mail me at aubrey.studebaker@gmail.com


Was supposed to go to the zoo on Saturday but it was crummy out... So did a painting of some zoo animals instead (used another pic taken by my father in law as reference).

This piece was a perfect example of one of the biggest lessons I've learned from painting: If you're having trouble don't just give it up and start over but instead muscle through it! There is a point that I reach w/ most of my paintings where they look horrible and I hate them but if I just keep working at it I can usually pull it out of that ugly stage and turn it into a piece that I'm at least okay with. (o: