Hi! I'm Aubrey.

Hi! I'm Aubrey.
I am an artist based in LA (but from the good 'ol Midwest). This blog is a record of my life as a painter/artist. It is here to help me keep my place and motivation, ground me to learning and be a connection to other artists.

If you are interested in purchasing existing work, please visit my etsy site here. If you are interested in commissioning an original artwork, e-mail me at aubrey.studebaker@gmail.com


Beach Painting

We're going to Florida for vacation in early November & I can't wait! While looking forward to the vacation this evening, I was inclined to look back -at another piece from an old sketchbook: 
 Close-up below (Not one for detail, am I? ...Ah well, maybe someday.)
This was painted during one of my past visits to Florida. Really want to do some more of these quick, gestural open air paintings while we're down there this year.

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