Hi! I'm Aubrey.

Hi! I'm Aubrey.
I am an artist based in LA (but from the good 'ol Midwest). This blog is a record of my life as a painter/artist. It is here to help me keep my place and motivation, ground me to learning and be a connection to other artists.

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Revenge 9

I'm really enjoying getting back into spending more time drawing. For quite some time I was someone who had my sketchbook with me at all times but I have allowed that habit to dwindle over the past few years.
Just a few reasons why keeping a sketchbook is so important for an artist:
1) It keeps you inspired/focused
2) It is a reminder not to take yourself too seriously
3) It is also a reminder of why we do art in the first place -because it is what we love.

I keep returning to that last point especially since I am not what would be termed by society as a successful artist. It is hard not to let that cloud my thoughts or influence my work. I am constantly reminding myself that I am successful as long as I am still doing it and enjoying it. 


Erika Lee Sears said...

A sketchbook is important and it's funny how it just slips away and you have to make sure it's readily available.

Your turtle made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Your last line is so true! Words for all of us to heed!!

Kim said...

Seriously, your book is a treasure!! I just love your sketches. And very well said!

AMW said...

LOVE this post :)