Hi! I'm Aubrey.

Hi! I'm Aubrey.
I am an artist based in LA (but from the good 'ol Midwest). This blog is a record of my life as a painter/artist. It is here to help me keep my place and motivation, ground me to learning and be a connection to other artists.

If you are interested in purchasing existing work, please visit my etsy site here. If you are interested in commissioning an original artwork, e-mail me at aubrey.studebaker@gmail.com


Anniversary Day

Josh & I were married the day after Thanksgiving two years ago today.  I'm so thankful to be spending my life w/ my best friend...He makes me breakfast every morning. Sorry no paintings today. Will be going to a fancy dinner after work. (o;
I just received another commission which will be a painting of 8 grandkids for a friend to gift to the grandmother. Can I count that as 8 paintings even though they'll all be on the same watercolor sheet? Yes (I'll answer myself)!

If a custom portrait painting sounds like a gift you'd like to give, just e-mail me. I'm quite reasonably priced.


Erika Lee Sears said...

Isn't marriage such a great adventure?

I am so jealous! He cooks for you. My husband can barely feed himself and doesn't know how to turn on the oven. I think maybe he knows how to turn on the stove- its questionable.

Blue Miscellaneous said...

Happy Anniversary you two!
And yes-it can count as 8 :o)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on both counts!! My wife and I have been happily married for 34 years now...I don't cook her breakfast 'cause she likes to sleep later than I do...and then doesn't want to be bothered while she reads the paper!!!

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Celeste Bergin said...

what a wonderful photo--you look like you should be a advertisement for marriage! Congratulations

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Oh my...lovely lovely. Happy Anniversary!!!!
Count 8 and good for you!